Our Process

It is important that the work of Miranda Campaigns is positive, uplifting, and searches for good. Keeping that in mind throughout our vetting process, once we have reached an agreement with you and your team, creating an individualized campaign is critical to everyone’s success. There is simply no room for cookie cutter campaigns or generic branding when you’re talking about the future of your town, your state, and ultimately, your country.

We sit with each candidate and their staff and, first and foremost, listen carefully to what you want to accomplish, both within our agency and the campaign process.  With that information as our guide, the Miranda Campaigns team cultivates an approach to your campaign that is saturated with your voice, your hopes, and your goals in order to facilitate the strongest recall from your constituents.  Whether you’d like us to take the reigns and brand all aspects of your campaign, or would rather a different degree of involvement and insight, Miranda Campaigns is here to serve those that so humbly and generously serve the public.