When assigned as a sixth grader to select a favorite author and recite a portion of their work for the class, Winter, to the chagrin of her classmates but the delight of her teacher, chose Civil Rights leader and Congresswoman Barbara Jordan’s historic Democratic National Convention keynote speech of 1976.

For more than 20 years, Winter was, herself, a classroom teacher, teacher-leader, and independent literacy consultant delivering professional development to teachers across the nation. If one can sell the concept of a semi-colon to a seventh grade boy in springtime, one can sell anything. Without knowing it, Winter had been cutting her teeth as a marketer.

Winter used those skills to lead the legendary Coventry Regional Farmers Market from startup to stardom as a founder, its executive director, and head of marketing. She connected the dots by creating content that told the stories of the local food movement to people who supported it, and they came in droves.

As a photographer, Winter’s style is immediately recognizable. Her iconic images convey authenticity, the beauty of craft, and the optimism of people passionate about their work. It is her greatest joy to see these photographs put to work telling the compelling stories of her clients to the audiences they most want to reach.