Registered to vote at birth by a politically active mother who still receives holiday cards from former presidents, Maria’s destiny to be a communications consultant in election marketing was undeniable. After establishing the award-winning firm, Miranda Creative at the age of 24, for nearly 30 years, Maria has been a quiet brand resource for engaged and dedicated community leaders.

With the encouragement of previous candidates, and peers on both sides of the aisle, Maria and her team have created a spin-off firm, Miranda Campaigns, specifically dedicated to meet the needs of candidates seeking less animosity and more sincerity in all forms of marketing.

Maria has dual undergraduate degrees in Marketing/Design from the University of Connecticut and graduate level courses in trademark law, interactive media and entrepreneurship. Named citizen of the year for Eastern Connecticut in 2015, Maria is passionate about community philanthropy and actively seeks to apply this philosophy to her roles as entrepreneur and communications talent.

Maria’s first political piece: A “welcome home mom…way to vote!” sign, upon Patricia Miranda’s return from the 1978 presidential convention.