Raised in an entrepreneurial family, Ali has been working since she was 14. Right around that age, while watching her father attend community forums and serve on committees after pulling 15-hour shifts at their restaurant, she asked him why. Why would he elect further responsibilities after working so hard all day? His response was simple, and Ali’s first lesson in politics: “You have no right to complain about something, unless you’re willing to do something to change it.”

It wasn’t such a surprise that the subsequent two decades would bring her father through multiple elected positions to his current role as State Senator of Connecticut’s 20th District. This was Ali’s first campaign contributing to crafting a message that captured the candidate, working under the close tutelage of Maria Miranda. After such a significant and successful experience, Miranda Campaigns was a natural and welcome step, allowing Ali to focus her way with words and Fordham linguistic education on capturing the voice of candidates who will go on to affect real and positive change.